simSALUD is a project in cooperation with international partners from universities as well as national partners from governmental health departments.

Department of Geoinformation and Environmental Technologies, Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS), Austria
Dr. Melanie Tomintz
Melanie is senior researcher at CUAS and project leader of SALUD. Her main research interests centre around geoinformation in the area of health, including spatial modelling, spatial simulation and the usage of new technologies in the field of health GIS.

Bernhard Kosar, MSc.
Bernhard is research assistant at CUAS and software developer of SALUD. His knowledge and main interests is the development of WebGIS in general. In particular for the project SALUD his main task is the implementation of an open architecture spatial microsimulation based on open source web technologies.

Prof. Victor Garcia-Barrios
Victor is professor in the area of informatics, specialized on mobile and Web technologies, e-learning and user interface evaluation. His expertise in data mining, algorithms and software development will provide valuable feedback for this project.

School of Geography, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Prof. Graham Clarke
Graham is professor and an expert in the area of spatial microsimulation since the 1980s. Therefore, his knowledge will be a valuable guidance through this project. Graham’s research interests include GIS, urban services, retail and business geography, urban modelling and continuing professional education.

School of Geography, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
Dr. Dimitris Ballas
Dimitris is senior lecturer and has extensive experience in using GIS and spatial microsimulation for the evaluation of the socio-economic and spatial impact of national social policies, as well as area-based policies. His knowledge and contribution will especially supportive throughout the implementation phase.

Municipality of Villach, Carinthia, Austria
Dr. Hans Mack
Hans is head of the health department at the municipality in Villach. Further, he is appointed as representative of the Austrian network ‘Healthy Cities’. He will be a great support in health related questions especially when it comes to modeling what-if scenarios.

Federal State Government of Carinthia, Austria
Dr. Melania Deutmeyer
Melania is head of department at the health centre of excellence. Her knowledge will provide a good bridge between research and applications for future health decision support.